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Daily Digest Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Funding In Northern Africa

Egyptian Student Transport Startup, Schoolz, Lands Six-figure Pre-Seed Funding

The new financing will be used to launch Schoolz for business following a trial period, as well as the launch of Schoolz cloud services in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Read more

Funding In Western Africa

Nigerian gifting startup, Showlove, secures $300k pre-seed funding

The startup aims to create a fun community, or a social network of sorts, for people to share their wants and needs, either with a closed circle of people or the general public. Read more

Watch the full video with this link…https://remsanah.screencasthost.com/watch/crjf2TVjf4v

Nigerian Fashion Startup, Rooomxix, receives $1.5mn Investment From Patricia

Patricia and Rooomxix, have been in conversation since 2019 and have had a few collaborations in the past, however, this investment further deepened the partnership. Read more

Latest News

Ghanian e-commerce startup, Plendify, opens B2B marketplace for African suppliers

As they continue to add household and major brands, they are also supporting small and medium-sized suppliers to build online storefronts on their trusted platform. Read more

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