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Nigeria’s Tech startup, Ekeneze Technologies, creates Inyinya Delivery App

Ekeneze Technologies Limited, a technology start-up, has announced the launch of its first instant delivery services aggregation technology, Inyinya Delivery App, in Lagos State, reports This Day Live.

According to the company’s Managing Director/Chief Executive Chikodi Anele, the app is a mobile phone platform that will enable users of instant delivery services to be able to hail bicycle, motorcycle, car, and van delivery riders and drivers at comfort and affordably on their mobile phones.

Much like a taxi-hailing app, the technology eliminates the expenditure of time, cost, and effort on phone calls and the internet in search of suitable motorcycle delivery riders, as currently obtains in the country.

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He pointed out that unlike the numerous existing delivery companies in the country, the App’s unique offering works as an aggregator platform for existing delivery companies and individual dispatch riders who may own from one to several delivery vehicles like motorcycles and vans in their fleet.

Anele said the delivery service companies who are on-boarded on the Inyinya App may not need to maintain expansive and expensive offices, as the technology of the app will send customers’ delivery bookings direct to the drivers and riders within the coverage areas.

“The Inyinya App technology also makes it possible for instant delivery needs in local communities, in particular, around the emerging large residential estates in Nigeria’s big cities to be fulfilled by youths on both pedal and motorcycles,” he said.

“As is the trend in countries around the world, developed and developing alike, last mile and instant deliveries on bicycles have become a substantial source of employment for young people and students and will be a welcome development for Nigeria, a country reputed for its run-away youth unemployment of more than 14 percent as at 2020, according to the country’s Bureau of National statistics.”

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The UK-based IT entrepreneur also urged successful Nigerian entrepreneurs abroad to commit to creating employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed youths in the country.

“Indigenes of Nigeria, where ever in the world they may live, be it at home in the country or in the diaspora, must explore every avenue to expand job opportunities for the teeming youth population in the country and, making instant delivery on bicycles possible and safe around the cities and rural areas is a welcome mission,” he said.

However, the technology works by matching delivery booking by a customer with a delivery driver or rider on the Inyinya Apps platform, deploying similar technologies to those used by taxi-hailing apps, using complex mathematical algorithms to choose the most suitable and available driver to send the customer booking to.

The software will also provide the delivery rider or driver, the most efficient route to the pickup and delivery location, avoiding routes with major traffic build-up, thereby enhancing the speed of delivery.

What You Need To Know About Ekeneze Technologies

Ekeneze Technologies is a technology start-up founded by Nigerian diaspora technology professionals in the UK and also registered in Nigeria.

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