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Daily Digest Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Funding In Western Africa

Nigerian Fintech Startup, Kuda, secures US$55mn in Series B funding for operational expansion

The bank said the funds raised through its London entity will be used to expand its Nigerian operations and to prepare for its launch in other African countries. Read more

Latest News

JASIRI creates mental health-tech Vimbo to promote entrepreneurs

The app allows JASIRI cohorts to learn mental health basics, develop coping strategies to tackle problematic behaviors and anxieties and learn meditation and journaling. Read more

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Click here to find out more!

Opinion Corner

In with the young: Why fintechs need young thinkers to thrive

The rapid growth in fintechs and startups illustrates the growing demand by customers for service providers that deliver more responsive and affordable solutions that are better tailored to their needs. Read more

How Digital Tech is Making Healthcare Smarter

This need to access decentralized care has accelerated the use of emerging tech and digital solutions to enable remote care and improve healthcare outcomes in regions where access was previously unavailable. Read more

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