South Africa’s Startup Circles Secures $150k Funding

Startup Circles, a school for entrepreneurs which helps them scale their businesses and become investor-ready, has secured $150k in funding from Enygma Ventures, a US venture capital firm.

“We’ve been incredibly impressed by the talent of African entrepreneurs but sometimes the difference between being investable and having a scalable business is just knowledge and know-how. Startup Circles is closing the gap for emerging market entrepreneurs to help them shine and build impactful, profitable businesses. We are delighted to be not just investing in entrepreneurs but also in developing the ecosystem,” said Sarah Dusek, Managing Partner of Enygma Ventures. 

The firm claims to have aided over 5,000 African entrepreneurs by 2020, with hopes to extend its scope in the coming years. The creative platform is assisting the ecosystem and entrepreneurs by providing affordable courses starting at $67 to the growing entrepreneurship community.

“We are so delighted to be partnering with Enygma Ventures to grow businesses in Africa. I truly believe Africa is primed for significant development in the decade ahead and that will largely come from the growth of SMEs,” said Sandras Phiri, Founder, and CEO of Startup Circles. 

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What You Need To Know About Startup Circles 

Startup Circles, founded by Sandras Phiri, offers realistic, straight-to-the-point education for busy entrepreneurs, with only founders and investors serving as educators. The business democratizes access to investors by giving all of its students the opportunity to pitch to potential investors.

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