South Africa’s security tech startup, AURA, to go global, expands its product offering

Security tech startup and medical response platform AURA has unveiled plans of it  expanding its product offering into the UK market. 

The innovative South African-born tech startup will offer its state-of-the-art security response services to support the UK’s existing response network. AURA aims to have 10 000 users opting to use their service within seven months. 

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Warren Myers, CEO of AURA explains that while the police and emergency services in the UK are generally excellent, there are gaps AURA can address to help users of its platform be safer. 

“AURA’s vision is the same wherever we go: to create a world where everyone is safe. In a market where risk is increasing and a very capable police force is being stretched, we see AURA as an important part of the safety ecosystem. Our longer-term vision is to assist alarm monitoring companies with the ability to immediately dispatch vetted security personnel to verify an alarm activation via our platform.”


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UK expansion

Craig Eliasov, the newly appointed UK regional manager for AURA explains that the startup’s offering will add general value to the public in the UK.

“I’m most looking forward to demonstrating that the human need for safety is scalable globally. AURA has a clearly defined strategy with proven success. We are moving through our B2C approach methodically in an agile way to react and adapt to learnings and data in the UK market,” he says.  

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This news follows the startup’s announcement of its expansion into East Africa. As the startup demonstrates incredible business model expansion with its innovative product offering, AURA has become a globally renowned South African tech startup. 

Providing affordable, accessible, and on-demand security response, the startup has garnered attention on a global scale and this further enables its expansion in a range of international markets. 

What You Need to Know About AURA

Founded in 2016 by Warren Myers, the South African-born tech startup focuses on security tech and medical response. 

The AURA digital platform makes use of GPS, smart technology, and an app. The app provides a panic button that the user would be able to press in an emergency situation. Through GPS the app would be able to connect an individual to the nearest response unit. The user would also be able to monitor the response unit in real-time through the app.

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The app and the AURA platform will ensure that respondents reach users faster and will eliminate the need for call centres that have been used in the traditional security sector.

The startup aims to bring together security companies across South Africa onto one digital platform. This platform would ensure that users would have a quick response to those who have an emergency at any time and any place.

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