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GFA Daily Digest Wednesday, 3 March 2021

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Proparco and BMCI agrees to fund Arma, to assist the company’s sanitation and waste management program in Casablanca

Casablanca has succeeded in setting up an increasingly structured system for managing a volume of household refuse that has risen to an estimated 1 million tons a year. Read more

First Bank of Nigeria establishes SMEs accounts to promote growth and development in the sector

The SME accounts, which are in two variants – FirstSME Classic and FirstSME Deluxe, are offered to SMEs, irrespective of industry, and tailored to have SMEs exposed to a wide range of services and opportunities that are essential for their continued growth and role in contributing to national development.  Read more

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Opinion Corner

How has Covid-19 impacted South Africa’s venture capital space?

After a robust 2019, in which South African tech startups scored over R1.5-billion in investments and a record number of exits, sure deals no longer seemed certain. Read more

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