Flat6Labs Partners With Impact Partner To Establish A Program That Promotes Green Economy Startups In Northern Africa

Impact Partner, a financial marketing organization, and Flat6Labs, a regional startup accelerator program, are joining forces and the expertise of their teams to launch GreenWorks program to support startups operating in the green economy sector in North Africa, particularly Tunisia.

The GreenWorks program was designed to support entrepreneurs who focus on sustainable development and the green economy and to help them build their resilience.

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Impact Partner and Flat6Labs are joining their efforts and the know-how of their teams to launch this support program for startups operating in the green economy sector. GreenWorks will continue for the next two years and anticipate the launch of other editions.

“As leader of the GreenWorks 13 Member Alliance, we are delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with Impact Partner and Flat6Labs and others. financial and technical partners in Tunisia and North Africa to be able to support young companies and associations in the green and digital economy sector,” Ahmed Sameh, GreenWorks Program Director at Hivos, said.

GreenWorks is a support and financing program for young promoters of the green economy. The ambition of the program is to support 30 entrepreneurs who work in the Green sector and whose projects immediately create jobs.

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Through this program, Hivos and IFC seek to support and develop the green economy sector in Tunisia by partnering with various institutions and organizations for the capacity building of young entrepreneurs and by setting up training programs. and support necessary for the development of their projects.

“In a context of uncertainty caused by the health crisis testing several economic sectors, Impact Partner, in partnership with Flat6Labs, and with the support of IFC and Hivos, is banking on Tunisian entrepreneurs to build a greener economy, more resilient and more prosperous,” said Zeineb Fakhfakh, Managing Director of Impact Partner.

“Faithful to our mission to support social entrepreneurship for a positive and lasting impact, through the GreenWorks and AccelerateForYouth programs we aim to strengthen job creation for women and young people, especially in the regions.”

GreenWorks is thus a great opportunity to access a support program without equity participation and with donations of 30 KDT. It is also the possibility of applying for a larger investment with Impact Partner, Flat6Labs or with other partner investors.

“Economic recovery in Tunisia will require green, inclusive and responsible growth. This is why it is essential to support entrepreneurs active in this field to develop and grow in order to build a resilient, inclusive and sustainable economy in Tunisia,” Georges Joseph Ghorra, Resident Representative of the IFC in Tunisia, said.

“IFC is very proud of its partnership with Impact Partner which supports entrepreneurs with projects related to the green economy. This partnership is part of the IFC Accelerate4Youth initiative which aims to support innovative entrepreneurship in Tunisia.”

Several entities have emerged to support more than 600 startups created in recent years. However, a gap persists in the green economy, an industry that still lacks innovation in all areas. With a more attractive legal framework and a growing appetite for opportunities to invest in innovation, the time has come for a locally-driven initiative focused on sustainable food and clean technologies.

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