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Daily Digest Tuesday 10 November 2020

Call For Funding & Other Web- Events

Webinar: Quick Base’s Unique Approach To Enterprise Grade Low/No-Code Solutions

In a recent Harvard Business Review study, 92% of CIOs say a “dual-track” approach is essential to digital transformation, pairing traditional, IT-led grand-scale transformation with a new form of business-led “rapid cycle innovation”. Read More

Funding In Southern Africa

Namibia’s Kelp Farm Project To Get US$60m Investment From CFM And Eos Capital

NAMIBIA – Climate Investor Two (CI2), managed by Climate Fund Managers (CFM), Kelp Blue and the Namibia Infrastructure Development and Investment Fund (NIDIF), managed by Eos Capital, have partnered for a commercial development of the world’s first large- scale kelp farm. Read more

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Funding In North Africa

Egypt Ventures To Expand Investments By $3.95mln Over 2020

Egypt Ventures, a government-seeded investment firm, has provided investments of EGP 257m since it was set up, and is working to expand in the coming period, according to the company’s CEO and Founder Ahmed Gomaa. Read More

Funding In West Africa

Cape Verdean Fintech Startup Makeba Raises $2.8m Through Crowdfunding

Makeba, an Africa-focused fintech startup in Africa that combines point-of-sale payments and money transfer into mobile applications exceeded its minimum-raise goal, bringing in more than $300,000 in its latest round of crowdfunding via the WeFunder platform. Read More

GetFundedAfrica’s mission is to uplift people and economies in Africa through entrepreneurship; helping companies find funding, grow, create jobs and solve society’s greatest challenges

Guest Contribution, GFA Attract & Application Portal For Funding

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Guest Contribution: Disruptive Digital Solutions Is Rewiring The DNA Of Banking

Imagine a bank whose customers can tap on a wearable device to make a payment, regularly receive updates on changes they could make to their investment portfolio through AI-generated insights. Read more

GFA Attract Interview

Victor Boyle-Komolafe, the co-founder of Garbage In, Value Out (GIVO), a system that automates and digitises the collection, processing, and sale of recyclable materials. Watch Here

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One thing I always tell myself and made my philosophy is to admit when I need help and I always find somebody to help. It’s crucial to admit it when you are wrong and never make the same mistake again. — Nkemdilim Begho, Future Software Resources Limited, Nigeria.

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