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Daily Digest Thursday, 17 September 2020

Funding In Africa

Senegalese delivery startup Yobante Express has expanded to five African markets

Its web and mobile platform uses gig economy, independent and casual couriers within a resilient mesh network of relay points to deliver packages from point to point until the last mile, twice as fast and 40 per cent more affordably than existing solutions. Read more

Funding In North Africa

Egyptian prop-tech startup Isqan raises 6-figure pre-seed funding round

The startup, which only went live with its offering in August, says it combines a user-friendly interface with a free services offering. Isqan has partnered a number of Egyptian real estate companies to offer users a wide range of trusted options. Read more

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Funding In South Africa

SA edtech startup receives $7-million investment

In addition, the funding will be used for resources dedicated to the roll-out of the school’s hybrid, tech-enabled, boutique campuses, which combine online learning, in-person guidance by Learning Coaches, and socialising with peers, and additional features of physical spaces. Read more

Latest News

AFD, Afreximbank pump €150 in green finance in Africa

AFD has made available a €500,000 grant for a technical assistance program for the development of Afreximbank’s climate finance strategy. Ultimately, this partnership will enable the expansion of sustainable development financing mechanisms in Africa. Read more

Nichole discussed the funding activity recorded on the GFA platform and deep dive into the blockchain industry in Africa.

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