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GFA Attract Series (VC Edition): Interview With Rob Eloff, Lateral Capital

In this episode of GFA-Attract, Debo discussed with South African born Rob Eloff the co-Founder&managing partner at Lateral Capital, a mission driven venture fund investing in early stage opportunities in Sub-saharan Africa to bridge the gap between capital and opportunities.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Whether private Equity and Venture capital are right for Africa.
  • The answer to the big debate about diversity and opportunities in Africa
  • How to understand the rules of the game and, be able to translate them to the local environments.
  • How investor bias is preventing investors from interpreting the market properly and becoming successful.
  • The story behind how Lateral capital was formed.
  • Why Private Equity in Africa are chasing only 1% in income and, how investors can tap into the other 99% of the market.
  • The “interesting problem” that should be solved in Private Equity and Venture Capital (VC’s) in Africa.
  • The investments’ Lateral Capital has made and the lessons he learnt from them.
  • Why African Banks are great customers for investors.
  • How to draw a 100-day plan to get to the growth protectory forecasted.

About GFA Attract

GFA attract which is mainly aired on YouTube and distributed to thousands around the world.

On this segment we feature individuals who work for venture capital companies and who are also entrepreneurs, our main aim is to spread the successful “African business story”

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