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Daily Digest Monday, 14 September 2020

Funding In West Africa

Report Indicates 70% Of Nigerian Startups Face Funding Challenges

The white paper has been published by Endeavor, a global high-impact entrepreneurship network in collaboration with Stears Data, a leading Nigerian data collection company. Read more

Funding In Africa

The Trump Administration Is Investing In African E-commerce Startups Focused On Rural Areas

While notable e-commerce companies like Jumia and South Africa’s TakeALot, have raised hundreds of millions of dollars on the promise of dominating urban centers and middle-class customers in Africa’s largest cities, DFC appears to be targeting startups with a more linear focus. Read more

Latest News

Binance Offers DeFi Coders $100,000; DeFi Market Value Hits $8 Billion

Each proposal will go through security audits and due diligence. Approved DeFi projects can get up to $100,000 in funding, while their tokens will benefit from the liquidity available through Binance’s proprietary blockchain. The Malta-based firm says high-quality projects may also be listed on Binance. Read more

Bonfire Ventures Ignites $100M Fund II (Exclusive)

Bonfire writes bigger checks than typical seed funds, which is partly a function of operating at the later end of the ever widening definition of seed and also that it prides itself on taking a high-conviction, high-involvement approach. It plans to once again invest in between 25 to 30 companies over three years and lead about 75% of transactions. Read more

Opinion Corner

Why Is iROKOtv Leaving Africa’s Billion Dollar Industry So Early, And What Does The Future Hold For Other Video-on-Demand Startups?

Going down with the company are about 150 jobs — Not the first time it is hacking off those jobs though. It did so between 2010 and 2015 when it asked over 130 workers in Lagos to go. Read more

GetFundedAfrica’s mission is to uplift people and economies in Africa through entrepreneurship; helping companies find funding, grow, create jobs and solve society’s greatest challenges

GFA Attract & GFA Weekly Round Up Podcast

In thIs episode of GFA Attract, we interview Lola and Layo, London based twin sisters who run London a fashion startup Let’sDressYouUp’.

Watch their exclusive interview here

In this episode of the GFA weekly round up segment we covered funding activity from across Africa between August 31 – September 4

Listen to the podcast here

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