JobCrystal receives R4.2 million investment from an investment fund for female entrepreneurs and women founders

A female founded startup called Job Crystal has received R4.2-million in funding from Enygma Venture’s Shift Fund.  

Investment details  

The investment is expected to make it easier for employers to hire the right talent faster than ever, making a dent in unemployment rates at the same time. 

About Job Crystal   

JobCrystal is one of South Africa’s leading recruitment companies. Founded by dynamic female duo, Sasha Knott and Kelly Louw, Job Crystal has established its name as a premium recruitment company.  

The platform also offers loads of other valuable stuff, like salary information, suggested skills, career pathing, networking opportunities and its growing database of corporate employers to have more jobs on offer. It also helps users on career management. 

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Job Cystal’s future plans  

In a statement the firm explained that JobCrystal is not merely finding a single job on one occasion and JobCrystal is about “managing your career on an ongoing basis”.   

Even while their customers are happily employed, JobCystal plans on keeping their customers regularly informed of their marketability, potential career paths and any other positions that will help them to move closer to their dream job. 

Currently, JobCrystal has more than 250,000 candidates in its database, and aims to get more than a million by the end of the year. 

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Comments on the investment  

Sasha Knott, managing director and co-founder of Job Crystal, comments on receiving the new investment funding.  

“We’re thrilled to receive this investment from Enygma Ventures which will help us to improve our tech development and expand our footprint across the country and region,” says Knott.  

With dismal unemployment rates before the pandemic even further exacerbated due to the impacts of Covid-19, Job Crystals aims to make more than just a dent in the unemployment sector.  

Sandras Phiri, CEO of Startup Circles  

 “Job Crystal has strongly positioned itself within the recruitment market focusing on small and medium-sized businesses with a passion for solving Africa’s unemployment crisis using technology and smart problem-solving skills. This is what we at Shift Fund are looking for – businesses that combine smart, innovative strategies and technologies in scalable models,” he said. 

About Shift Fund  

The Shift Fund is a subfund created by Enygma Ventures in response to the impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic and focuses on entrepreneurs and innovators in Southern Africa who are passionate about creating new solutions that address challenges facing Africa both during and after the pandemic.  

The investment funding will enable the female-led company to develop new technology to increase the turn around time within the process of recruitment. This will in-turn offer clients a smoother hiring process, decreasing unemployment rates, and more.  

Who can apply for the shift Fund  

  • A business idea or existing business that is relevant, vital and necessary in a post-Covid 19 world. 
  • An idea/business that is solving a systemic problem, or an issue of their time and that will help build a better world. 
  • Businesses that are focused on solving problems for Southern Africa (SADC). The business must either be based or serve/operate in the region. 
  • The idea/business must be scalable and able to operate on a large scale or have a large addressable market. 
  • For profit ideas/businesses. They are not able to support charitable concepts at this time. 
  • Both male and female applicants can apply  

Click here to apply 

In this episode of GFA-Attract, we discuss with Kennedy Mubita, Nairobi based Venture Capital Lead for Africa & Middle east at SC Ventures, the venture capital arm of Standard Chartered Bank. SC Ventures is a $100 million fund focused on FinTech investments.

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