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"Building in Africa"- Webinar


This Friday, August 28th, for the 8th episode of “Building in Africa” we are interviewing, Carina Rumberger, CEO, Beyonic. It’s the second in our series of interviews about exits and acquisitions in African tech titled How big deals get done.

The Ugandan-based digital payment company, Beyonic was acquired 100% by MFS Africa in a deal that was paid for in cash and shares. MFS Africa is a mobile money gateway in Africa, which connects mobile network operators in 34 countries across the continent through a single API.

The deal which was announced in June 2020 is considered a major win and milestone for the African tech industry where exits are relatively rare. It’s an indicator of the growing appetite for them.

Rumberger has been CEO at Beyonic since 2018 and has over 10 years’ experience in Eastern and Southern Africa working in SME development, compliance, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, last-mile delivery and management.

Rumberger will answer questions including:

  • Beyonic’s journey over the last few years and what led up to the acquisition.
  • Any nuances as a CEO involved in the acquisition who isn’t a founder?
  • How talks first got started and how the deal moved forward.
  • What were the biggest challenges to making the deal happen? Any last-minute surprises?
  • Biggest lessons in doing the deal? For founders, for executives?

The event is open to experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as everyone else who is playing in the African technology industry.

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