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GFA Attract Episode 6: Interview with Yassine Oussaifi, Venture Capital Partner at AfricInvest Group

In this episode of GFA-Attract, GetFundedAfrica’s Co-Founder, Debo Omololu discusses with Yassine Oussaifi, a Tunis-based Venture Capital Partner at AfricInvest Group. AfricInvest has $1.5 billion in funds under management and is one of Africa’s largest venture capital firms. Yassine loves water sports and basketball and tries to relax at beach locations.

In this episode,  you will learn:

  • How Africinvest’s size allows it to be one of a handful of African venture capital firms that invests in Europe & North America for the benefit of Africa.
  • Yassine’s view on the importance of innovation and why AfricInvest set up its innovation Fund
  • Yassine’s view of the increasing investment in African venture entrepreneurs which has been growing at a year on year average of 40%
  • How venture capital investment in Africa has evolved from a focus on fintech, e-commerce and energy to more diverse sectors.
  • Yassine’s thoughts on the importance of having more limited partners working with venture capital firms
  • AfricInvest’s partnership with Cathay innovation
  • Why Yassine thinks entrepreneurs need to tell thier stories and the benefit of success stories to Africa’s investment landscape
  • Importance of product market fit in product development
  • Why entrepreneurs need to recruit smart people
  • Yassine’s thoughts on the importance of organizations like GetFundedAfrica to provide courses to help develop investor-readiness for African entrepreneurs (see GetFundedAfrica’s online courses).
  • The average size of investments made by AfricInvest
  • The importance of AfricInvest’s investment in KaiOS, a company that is solving the internet access problem in Africa.

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