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GFA Attract Segment Episode 5: Interview with Dr. May Ikeora

In this episode of GFA Attract, Nichole discusses with Dr. May Ikeora, an Academic Author, Ex-Beauty Queen, Independent Consultant (Gender & Human Rights) and currently CEO – L’Avyanna UK. L’Avyanna products are traded in the United Kingdom, Italy, the U.S.A and other various countries. Dr. May is also highly active in empowering and advocating for the rights of girls through her Raising Girls Project. She achieved these whilst also managing the Miss Nigeria Organisation (est. 1957).

In this episode,  you will learn:

  • How to utilise any platform or situation in life to launch a professional and business career
  • Turning your strength in any interest or vocation, into a full fledged business
  • Building a start-up from zero, with a particular focus on funding and investment requirements and her experience in this regard
  • Advice for female entrepreneurs on how to keep focused towards achieving their entrepreneurial objectives
  • Resisting barriers to launching your business and starting with a Lean model
  • Deploying strategy to meet startup objectives
  • Separating publicity from actual business traction and figuring out the importance in decision making
  • Utilising feedback from the market to change sales business models
  • Highlight of her book on Anti-Human Trafficking. Published by Palgrave Macmillan New York and launched by the British High Commission

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Check out Dr. May’s Profile HERE…

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