Hydrogen’s Role in the EU Climate-Neutral 2050 Goal

  1. Thu, Jul 2, 2020 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CST

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Hydrogen is often described as a game-changer as we seek to decarbonise how we produce and use energy. Although there is no single silver bullet, hydrogen is undoubtedly seen as one of the most important enablers. In a new five-episode series, clean hydrogen’s genuine potential to decarbonise sectors such as heavy industry, transportation, heating and cooling, and power generation is explored, together with important innovation developments and pioneering projects seeking to make it a reality.

In this first episode, our panel will unpack hydrogen within the context of the EU Climate-Neutral 2050 Goal. What you will learn:

• How realistic is the 2050 timeline in terms of establishing a significant hydrogen economy in Europe?

• What sectors are showing the most promise for clean hydrogen adoption, not only in the shorter term but also the long term?

• What countries, whether in or outside of Europe, are embracing this clean hydrogen revolution, and what lessons can be learnt?

• What are the main constraints facing the clean hydrogen and how do we overcome them and within what time-scale?

• What is required in terms of a regulatory framework and strategies to encourage the shift away from hydrogen derived from natural gas (grey) to clean hydrogen (blue, via steam methane reformation or green, renewable energy-based)?

• Why is innovation and collaboration of fundamental importance in realising clean hydrogen’s genuine potential?


James Watson, Secretary-General |

Eurogas John Williams Senior Principal |

AFRY Maria João Duarte, Representative to the EU Institutions |

MHPS Europe Moderator: Kelvin Ross, Editor-in-Chief, Power Engineering International

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