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GFA's Business Journey: Pitching To Win


Pitching ideas to potential or interested investors (funders) could make or break a business at a very crucial period in an enterprise’s lifecycle. Inability to do so effectively and successfully, can even prevent a business getting off the ground.

A lot of information exists in the public space, and yet it seems some entrepreneurs and business people simply decide not to devote the energy, time, or effort to seek these resources out. It may also be a good idea to engage professionals who can prepare effective pitches, thus creating a higher probability of deepening interest in your investor pitch and subsequently – your business.

This weekend, we share some useful direction and advice on how to create winning pitches.

For those who are yet to conceive their business ideas or still deciding on what business to do, creating a pitch-deck also becomes advisable to get a clear picture of what needs to be done before actually going forward to set-up a venture or project. The content you present on a single slide of a pitch-deck seeking to win over investment, may take over a year to prepare in reality or in tangible form.

It is never enough to believe in a product, service or business idea. If you require funding – before selling products and services to paying customers, you need to sell the viability, attractiveness and potential to potential funders.

Several enterprises also operate without a clear visual representation of their business models, it simply exists in the head of the business owner or CEO. It may be operating pretty well and bringing in a lot of cash, but there is so much more that can be achieved by actually creating a graphic description & interpretation of how a business creates value for external stakeholders and captures value for itself. For an existing or new business, simply working through the process of creating a pitch-deck, can become a resourceful exercise or first steps to achieving this.

The Outline includes:

1.Understand what makes a compelling pitch

“You have 90 seconds, if you’re lucky. If you can’t make your point persuasively in that time, you’ve lost the chance for impact. Facts and figures are important, but it’s not the only criteria, you must present in a manner that generates expertise and confidence.”

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2.Focus on a large opportunity in a low-growth market.

High-growth market segments always catch your attention, but also are likely to be attacked by bigger players with deeper pockets. Instead, find an innovation that doesn’t require market growth to thrive adding technology in a big market segment can be a big win even if the market doesn’t grow.

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3.When can I tell my pitch ? 

  • investors in a presentation meeting with others entrepreneurs, or in a meeting that is dedicated for your presentation
  • to partners, as bankers, suppliers, authorities, to mobilize their attention and interest
  • to other entrepreneurs or future employees to create the desire to work with you

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Pitch-decks aid in creating clarity on what a business intends to achieve, within a specified or targeted time-frame, and how it ends to do so. It allows an enterprise to bring out a lot of things previously held on “the inside”. It also demonstrates how a company has identified a market problem(s), opportunity or situation, and how it can make money from it.

Pitch-decks go far beyond just powerpoint slides, words and numbers. They are vital tools in the course of an enterprise’s journey and deserve all the quality they can deliver towards the enterprises’ objectives.

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