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[APPLY] The GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize

The GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize aims to find Africa’s brightest young agrifood entrepreneurs. We are searching for agribusinesses that bring technology, innovation, and passion to the agriculture and food industries.

Agrifood entrepreneurship is the biggest opportunity in Africa today.

Before the global coronavirus pandemic, we liked to say agribusiness is a trillion-dollar opportunity. Now, everyone on the planet understands that agribusiness truly is a critical industry.

YOU could win one of two US$50,000 cash prizes that will help you change your world and transform the agri-food business in Africa.

We need strong agriculture and food businesses to get us through the pandemic and grow our communities and economies when it’s over. We want to support YOUR businesses to become profitable and scale, so you can lead the way.

The opportunity

Two entrepreneurs, one woman, and one man will each win 50,000 US Dollars for the most innovative and scalable business ventures. Ten finalists will benefit from a package of support to boost their business. 250 applicants will benefit from online training to strengthen their business plans.

We want to hear from businesses that show

  • originality and innovation
  • market potential and traction
  • social or environmental impact
  • a viable and scalable business model
  • and an inspiring and investible team

Eligibility criteria

The entrepreneur applying must:

  • in order to obtain an entry and become an entrant into this competition, you must: submit, in English, a complete business profile, supporting documents, and answers to the online application form
GoGettaz – VC4A
  • submit full application by 23h59 (Central African Time) on 18 June 2020.
  • be aged 18-35 on the day of submission to the competition
  • hold nationality (with official ID) from any of the 54 nations of the African Union
  • be the founder/co-founder of the enterprise he or she represents in the competition and play an active role in its operations and leadership
  • have no criminal record related to corruption, tax evasion, financial impropriety, felony or other offense
  • not be a previous GoGettaz finalist.  (But if you made it to the semi finals previously you can compete again)

Their venture must:

  • have its headquarters in one of the 54 countries of the African Union, and be officially registered by 1 August 2020
  • be designed to be financially sustainable, either as a for-profit business or a market-based social venture
  • generating revenue at least in part and aiming for non-donor-based sustainability
  • play a role in the agri-food sector

Selection criteria

  1. Innovation: What problem does your business solve for its customers? What is its solution? How is this unique or innovative?
  2. Market: Who are your customers? Who are your competitors? What is the market potential? What is your go-to-market plan?
  3. Business Model: How does your business generate revenue? How does it or will it achieve profit? What is your plan for scaling up your business?
  4. Impact: How does your business have a positive social or environmental impact? How are you minimizing your negative impacts?
  5. Team: Who is in your leadership team? What experience and expertise do they bring to the business?

If selected

– If selected as a Semi-Finalist you shall agree to take part in an online interview in English and be required to produce documentation with regard to your legal entity or sole proprietorship as determined by the Jury.

– If selected as one of the Finalists you shall be expected to be able to travel to the GoGettaz Finale, which shall be held in Kigali, Rwanda during the AGRF Summit 2020. You agree to present your final pitch during the GoGettaz Finale which shall be conducted and evaluated in English. You shall further agree to take full responsibility as and when requested, and in a timely manner, to apply for and secure all official authorizations to take part in travel related to the GoGettaz Finale, including but not limited to obtaining a valid passport, visas and related approvals as stipulated by national and international authorities.


– Applications open until Thursday, June 18, 2020

– Expert reviewers will examine all applications, considering the above criteria

– 24 semi-finalists will be notified via Facebook and email by 22 July 2020. Semi-finalists will each be interviewed and asked for further information

– 10 finalists, five male, and five female will be selected and notified via Facebook, in person or by email, by 5 August 2020

– Finalists will be invited to compete in the final live or virtual pitching contest at the Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) meeting between 8-11 September 2020. Depending on the coronavirus situation this will be part of a full week of activities that finalists will be expected to attend, from 8-11 September 2020. Should you not have a valid passport and plan to enter GoGettaz, please apply for one now

– All 10 finalists will be awarded mentorship, programming linkages, and other guidance to continue their entrepreneurial journey

NOTE: All dates mentioned above could be subject to change as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.



Nichole Manhire

Is the media and brand manager at GFA News. She works very closely with editors and podcasters that contribute to telling the African business success story. For marketing and advertising send Nichole an email:

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