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Catalyst Fund raises $15m from JP Morgan and UK Aid for South African fintechs and more

Catalyst Fund, a Boston-based accelerator for early-stage technology start-ups, has raised $15 million with its long-term backer JP Morgan and UK Aid to back 30 fintech start-ups founded across South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, India and Mexico over the next three years.

The US and UK-backed accelerator offers mentorship and non-equity funding to fintechs tackling financial inclusion in emerging markets. With fresh funding, ten fintech start-ups from across all five countries will be selected each year to take part in the fund’s programme.

Read more from source article: https://www.fintechfutures.com/2020/01/catalyst-fund-raises-15m-from-jpmorgan-and-uk-aid-for-emerging-market-fintechs/

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