Meet Afri Ride, SA’s latest ride-sharing app [Q&A]

The latest is Afri Ride, which launched in December and offers travellers the ability to share a ride with drivers, wherever they go on the African continent.

Behind the app is Joe Moyo (pictured above), the startup’s managing director.

In a statement in December he described the app as simple to use. “All that users have to do is, to upload their travel details such as the start and end location, travel date and the number of empty seats that are available, this then allows travellers heading in the same direction to book their seat.”

“The most wasted resources, from a vehicle capacity standpoint, are the empty seats in moving cars. The idea behind Afri Ride is to make use of existing resources by offering the unoccupied seats in your car, or offering your car for rental,” he said in the same statement.

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