Ghanaian startup secure $50k funding from Agriculture Africa Accelerator

Ghana’s Complete Farmer and Nigeria’s ReelFruit have secured US$50,000 each in funding after being peer-selected as winners of the Village Capital Agriculture Africa accelerator.

Disrupt Africa reported in September nine startups from across the continent had been selected for the programme run by Village Capital, which runs a host of accelerators across Africa using its innovative peer-selection method.

Agriculture Africa 2019 was focused on solutions that improve outcomes for small farmers and address food security issues, and run in partnership with Small Foundation and Ceniarth, the latter of which committed US$50,000 to each of the top two peer-selected ventures.

The winners, who took home that funding, were Ghana’s Complete Farmer, which has developed an end-to-end digital agricultural platform that helps industries source for quality raw materials for their production, and Nigeria’s ReelFruit, which retails a range of six natural, healthy dried fruit and nut snacks, in over 250 retail supermarkets, airlines, hotels, and schools.

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